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Deca and Dianabol

Deca durabolin (nandrolene decanoate), or simply deca, is a great anabolic steroid that is used to gain strength and add mass. It is also a medically favorable steroid since it can be used to reduce joint problems and helps on osteoporosis. It increases calcium and potassium in the body which aids muscle growth and function. This is so because these ions help in release of insulin and transmitting nerve signals. The former helps in increasing the body mass and the latter effect increases strength. It can also be used during radiotherapy of patients with laryngeal cancer since it increases the sensitivity of laryngeal cells to radiotherapy. It can also be used to treat anemia associated with kidney failure.

Patients with breast cancer, diabetes, liver maladies, cardiovascular disease and any kidney problems need to verify first if deca usage is safe for them. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using it. Also people on growth hormone medication, finasteride or or warfarin should not use deca durabolin because it tends to interact with it.

Deca and dianabol are used together in a mass cycle to elicit maximum muscle gain. Deca or nandrolone decanoate is administered as an intra muscular injection. The drug should also be kept away from bright light such as sunlight and should not be exposed to below freezing temperatures either. The best temperature for storing it is from 15 to 300C.

Nandrolene decanoate is banned in the US and also by the athletic organizations such as the International Olympic Committees for use in athletes. However, its medical benefits give it an advantage. Deca and dianabol usage together is also quite safe as both of them stack well and have few side effects though in excessive amounts, decadurabolin may produce a number of side effects including acne, hair loss, difficulty in passing urine and even impotence in men.

If things go wrong, depression, gastrointestinal discomfort, bleeding and weight gain may occur. In such a case, a physician should be immediately consulted. In children it may promote bone maturation but may fail to increase linear extension of the bone causing them to have a small stature. It may also lead to irregular growth and sexual development in children. If consumed by pregnant women, it may cause masculinization of the fetus.

For therapeutic uses, usually 4 mg of the steroid are prescribed to be taken orally. Doses may be higher if the purpose of use is loss of fat or building muscles. Hemoglobin and serum lipids should be periodically monitored during use.